77th Annual Logging Sports Conclave at the Redwood Region Logging Conference

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EUREKA - Day two of the Redwood Region Logging Conference, competitors were able to show off their logging talents.

It was all action at the Redwood Acres Fairgrounds. The Redwood Region Logging Conference in conjunction with HSU hosted the 77th Annual Association of Western Forestry Clubs Logging Sports Conclave. 

"Most of us are forestry majors in college and it's related to our jobs and we just come out and have a good time," said HSU Forestry Major, Paul Sokoloski.

Thirteen colleges from the Western United States compete for the title of "Best in the West" in logging sports, known as "Timbersports".

Flathead Valley College event competitor, Michael Reed says, "It's celebrating an era that we're losing touch with, a historical backbone to what helped build this country. Logging used to be a big economic backbone to a lot of communities, which is kind of slipping and going away and this is kind of a way to celebrate that and draw attention to it”.

An expert competitor gave us some detail on one of the big events called the choker race. 

"What loggers do to recover chokers from the woods is they wrap a steel cable with a bell around the choker and then they yank it out. So we simulate just a little fun obstacle race through and around logs and some obstacles they built up here and set the choker and it's a timed sprint event," said Daniel Stueben, Forestry Major & event competitor.

Contestants say, all the events are based on traditional logging practices.

“Basically, most of the events here are historical events, like the cross cut saw, with a person on either side,” said Stueben. 

There were also events in pole climb, vertical and horizontal chops and log burling. But competitors say, it's much more than just a sport.

"Doing logger sports you have more of chance to get on a fire crew or a trail crew, you know, job opportunities. Looks good on the resume and it's just fun you know," said Erin Henry, crosscut events competitor. 

Competition winners will advance to the national stage this summer at the Stihl Timbersports Collegiate Championship.