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Abalone diving season is now underway

HUMBOLDT COUNTY- Hundreds of divers are expected to hit our coastline now that abalone season is officially underway. The season runs from the first of April to November of each year, with a break in July.

Experts say the bare minimum requirements to take part is a five millimeter wetsuit, gloves, an abalone gauge to measure the shellfish, and an iron to pull the abalone off the rocks. You will also need a standard fishing license plus an abalone harvest report card from any tackle shop.

Divers are allowed three abalone per day and they must be seven inches or larger in diameter. Experts also warn you should take some precautions before diving. Abalone diver and expert, Michael Owens said, “A couple of things is: know the conditions, if it’s high surf advisory I would not recommend going out. Making sure you have a buddy going with you, always safety in pairs. And never turning your back to the water, always knowing when the waves are coming and know where they are coming from.”

Experts recommend people not go diving for abalone for the next few days as we’re experiencing seven to 10 foot swells.