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ACV welcomes new block of T-Hangars

MCKINLEYVILLE- The Arcata-Eureka airport celebrated the opening of its newest block of T-hangars Monday morning. The new building at the ACV is now home to 17 private aircraft owners. The T-hangars are a first of its kind at ACV, providing storage space for the local aviation community.
Humboldt Aviation Advisory Committee Chairman David Ravetti said, "They have not had a place to put an airplane. Leaving a plane outside in Humboldt County is not the best thing."
The $1.2 million project has been in the works for a few years now, but already 10 of those 17 hangars are have been filled.
"People have been waiting for a hangar and the hangar list, oh people have been waiting on that for ten years," he said.
The hangars have been in high demand, but Ravetti said the project has been a process,
"There was a lot of frontwork that had to be done, we had to get FAA approval first.”
There is room to expand as well. Program Coordinator Emily Jacobs said, "There is space out here for more."