Additional $64.7 million in funding secured for Willits Bypass Project

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WILLITS- The Willits Bypass Project will not be delayed any further thanks to additional funding. 

Throughout the Willits Bypass Project, lawsuits against Caltrans and its other partners, as well as protests and additional requirements imposed along the way, led to additional costs.  Last month, Caltrans requested $64.7 million from the California Transportation Commission to pay for those costs, and the CTC granted the funds.  Now, the Willits Bypass Project is expected to be complete by fall of 2017.

"This is a very important interregional project, because the Willits Bypass is not only providing a benefit to the residents of Willits, but it's helping to improve transportation to all of us who live up here along the north coast.  So this is critical and if we had not received this additional $64.7 million, we would have not been able to complete the bypass.  When we ran out of money, we would have had to shut down," said Phil Frisbie, Jr., the Public Information Officer for Caltrans, District 1.