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Administrative changes coming to Eureka City Schools

EUREKA- Administrative changes are coming to Eureka City Schools, including at Eureka High School, where a new principal will take over this fall.

Current Eureka High School Principal Rick Jordan will become the coordinator of Duel Enrollment, Adult Education, the Center for Independent Studies and the principal of Zoe Barnhum High School.  Jennifer Johnson is taking his place. She is the current principal of Washington Elementary School.  Johnson previously taught math for 16 years at Eureka High School and served as the District Instructional Coach. 

"She's actually a native to the area.  She was born and raised in willow creek and has a very deep-rooted history here in the community and we're happy to have her stepping up as the principal of Eureka High School.  And as we all know, the North Coast is an area where you want to be and so if you don't want to be here, you don't stay here for very long, and she's raised her family here and has been a long time employee of Eureka City Schools and so we're excited about the commitment she has to Eureka City Schools and specifically, Eureka High School," said Fred Van Vleck, the Superintendent of Eureka City Schools.

In addition, Lee Ann Lanning is retiring from her position as the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources/Special Education after serving in the Eureka City Schools system since 1985.  Laurie Alexander will step in to the District leadership role with special education, while remaining the Director of Student Support Services.  Dr. Tish Nilsen informed Eureka City Schools she will work in a larger district as the Assistant Superintendent, or serve as Superintendent in a smaller district.  Current Superintendent of the McKinlyeville Elementary School District will take her place.  Sheri Jensen, the principal of Zoe Barnhum High School and Center for Independent Studies, will replace Jennifer Johnson as the principal of Washington Elementary School.