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Advancements in treatment for Dementia helps increase brain capacity

NORTH COAST- Advancement in the treatment of dementia related diseases is on the rise throughout Humboldt County and a local assisted living is taking part.
The Renaissance Center at Timber Ridge Assisted Living in Eureka and McKinleyville are introducing games and role-playing to help increase brain capacity and dementia symptoms in their residents. 
Experts said recent studies show engaging in games like horseshoes, shuffleboard, and bingo can help stimulate the brain and improve dementia symptoms. 
In role-playing sessions, owner Lorona Farum says residents and their families create what they call a “recipe card,” filled out with the resident’s previous occupation and then act it out. 
She says it helps them remember and offset dementia symptoms in some of their residents,
“They pick one that they want to do, inevitably it is something that they are familiar with,” said Farum. “We pick different things that they can go back and actually speak to and identify with. They enjoy it and I think we have created a better atmosphere for cognition and an increase in cognitive ability, which is the whole goal."