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Air Pollution Control Officer retires

EUREKA – The Air Pollution Control Officer at the Air Quality Management District officially resigned, and an interim officer has been appointed.

Richard Martin has been the Air Pollution Control Officer for more than eight years. The control officer is responsible for monitoring and improving our air quality. On Friday, Martin officially resigned from his duties due to complications with his health.

In a board meeting held Friday afternoon for the North Coast Unified Air Pollution District, board members appointed Brian Wilson as the acting Air Pollution Control Officer. Wilson has been serving as the Deputy Air Pollution Control Officer.

“It's been a wonderful wonderful experience for me out here. People out here are really great. Unfortunately this past year I’ve run into a few health problems. The health problems have made me realize that it's probably the appropriate time for me to retire and in my resignation letter I certainly wish the district and the board and everybody here the best of luck,” Richard Martin, the outgoing Air Pollution Control Officer, said.