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Alice Birney Elementary celebrates their differences

Eureka – Friday night, Alice Birney Elementary School celebrated diversity with a special evening of food, dance and fellowship.

They’ve been celebrating diversity in their school for over eight years now. There are four hundred seventy five students and around three or four hundred people attended the function that started at 5:30 this evening. But besides the festive atmosphere of music, food and friendship that was organized by the “Birney Boosters,” there was some learning going on as well. Students and their families are learning that people are just people…that one person may have different skin color, language, customs and food that you are not familiar with...that maybe another person’s history and culture are interesting and fun…even thought provoking.  That it shouldn’t separate you from them but maybe enliven the conversation.

The French have a saying, “Vive La Difference.” It means, “Long Live Our Differences. Alice Birney Elementary School is celebrating that motto every day.