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Alice Birney Elementary School holds Relay Recess

EUREKA- Students at Alice Birney Elementary School in Eureka have learned about cancer prevention throughout the month leading up to Friday’s event, the American Cancer Society’s Relay Recess.

"I hope what they take out of this is they can make a difference in cancer research in preventing cancer, in finding a cure, that they grow up knowing how to prevent cancer for themselves, knowing if they eat healthy, if they exercise, if they don't smoke, if they use sunscreen, then they're less likely to get cancer," said Shelly Smith, a first grade teacher at Alice Birney Elementary School and a cancer survivor.

Students have been raising money throughout October leading up to Friday. That money will fund cancer patient services and cancer research. At Relay Recess, kids had the chance to learn all about cancer prevention by exercising and eating right. Also, kids walked around the school in their purple and pink shirts and danced to Zumba. A 5th grade student and cancer survivor, Oliver Zuniga, talked about the support his classmates have shown throughout the month.

"I am glad that my friends are raising money in fighting cancer and it really means a lot to me," said Zuniga.