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All HSU Sunset Hall Residents Advised to Get Antibiotic for Meningitis

Humboldt State University is advising all students living in Sunset Hall to be treated with an antibiotic for bacterial meningitis as soon as possible. This expands the group of students being advised to get the antibiotic, which is known as Cipro.
Prescriptions can be obtained from any health care provider, including family doctors, local clinics, and urgent care. Students can also request a prescription from the Student Health Center by emailing their name, date of birth, HSU ID number, any allergies, and pharmacy information to
A Sunset Hall resident was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis late Tuesday. He was treated at Mad River Community Hospital and has been transferred to Redding, where he is undergoing additional treatment and tests. He remains in critical condition.
The campus is in the process of contacting those who have been in close contact with the student and are therefore at higher risk. Of primary concern are roommates, girlfriend/boyfriends, or anyone else who had intimate contact with the patient.
Bacterial meningitis is much less contagious than the flu or common cold, and is not blood borne. Symptoms include headache, nausea, sensitivity to light, and altered mental status. The specific bacteria in this case has not yet been identified, but is being treated as meningococcal disease until proven otherwise.
More information about bacterial meningitis is available from the CDC at and CDPH at
For medical guidance throughout the holiday weekend, you may access a phone advice service by calling the HSU Student Health Center at (707) 826-3146.