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Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot" coming to North Coast

HUMBOLDT COUNTY- A Eureka man with a show on Animal Planet where he searches for Bigfoot made sure an episode for the upcoming season takes place in Humboldt County. 

An episode of season 2 of Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot” took place in Northern Humboldt County.  Monday, shooting ended for an episode from next season that takes place in Southern Humboldt county.

"Humboldt's like, traditionally always been a hotbed for squatch activity and still is.  There's still lots of reports and lots of sightings, footprints, that sort of thing going on here all the time," said James “Bobo” Fay, a member of “Finding Bigfoot.”

"Bobo" has lived in Humboldt County for more than 25 years, says there are at least 40 sasquatches living in Humboldt County.  He worked to bring “Finding Bigfoot” back to the North Coast for multiple reasons.

"I wanted to come back to Humboldt because it's beautiful here and we were off the coast last time, inland, and I kept telling them, 'You've got to come to back to Humboldt for the Redwoods, it's just visually so stunning, and plus I'm home, I can be with my friends," said "Bobo."

And he will look for the hard to find sasquatches in the presence of the tallest trees in the world.  He says witnesses ranging from members of law enforcement to truck drivers in and around Humboldt County have told him about their experiences seeing Bigfoot.

"Their whole lifestyle is that of a downed fighter pilot behind enemy lines.  They're kind of like paranoid ninjas.  Just like super stealthy and cautious.  But they'll be bold at times, too.  Squatches don't follow any rules," "Bobo" said.

"Bobo" has some tips for you in case you ever find yourself face to face with a sasquatch.

"You don't have to shoot at them.  They hate bright lights, just flick on like a spot light or a mag light, and that usually gets them to take off," said "Bobo."  

And if you can, try to have a camera handy.

The episode of “Finding Bigfoot” that takes place in Southern Humboldt will air this fall on Animal Planet.