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Annual "Blessing of the Fleet" in Trinidad

TRINIDAD - Community members gathered today at the Trinidad Lighthouse for the annual "Blessing of the Fleet".

More than 100 people came out to bless ships, captains, and crews for a prosperous and safe year, and say thank you.  This year was the 19th annual "Blessing of the Fleet" in Trinidad, but the act of blessing is a long-standing Native American tradition that dates back hundreds of years. After the native blessing, there was a non-denominational blessing, and live music.

"The most important part of it is the Yurok blessing, the Tsurai blessing that Axel Lindgren gives. His family have been fishing here for perhaps a thousand years and so by his blessing being administered, that's continuing that tradition. It's saying that the newcomers here who have only been here for a few hundred years, are part of an ancient tradition and part of the same community and that's what we're about," Wallace Anderson, a former pastor, said.