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Annual Humboldt Mayors' Prayer Breakfast draws out county, city officials

EUREKA- A lawsuit and settlement could not stop the annual Humboldt Mayors' Prayer Breakfast. The only thing different this year is who organized the event.

Last September the City of Eureka settled a lawsuit filed by Carole Beaton alleging Eureka Mayor Frank Jager violated the separation of church and state with prayers at council meetings and by organizing the annual prayer breakfast. As part of last year's settlement, the city was prohibited from sponsoring or promoting the breakfast.

Keeping the tradition alive however, seven local community members took on the task.

"We have a lot of people in poverty and homelessness, and addiction, and illness, and loneliness and we want to pray for those things because we want our community to be more vibrant and healthy and we believe that prayer can do that," Organizer Karen Brooks said.

Thursday morning at the Elks Lodge nearly 150 people including community members, and city and county officials convened for the event. mayor Jager gave opening remarks and local pastors, law enforcement and education officials lead prayers. Organizers say they plan to continue the prayers on Facebook with a Pray For Humboldt page.