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Arcata’s noon siren will sound again

ARCATA - Arcata's beloved noon siren at the downtown fire station will be moving to a new home next week. It's headed to the Kinetic Museum.

Since the Arcata Fire Station renovations started, project managers searched for a willing local business to adopt the aged air horn, but it’s future didn't look too bright until Chris Boyle from the Kinetic Universe Museum, made a formal appeal to save the siren, now it’s legend will continue.

The Kinetic Universe will display the siren year round at their museum on 3rd street in eureka. Plus, they plan to make the siren mobile and have it sound off the start of the annual Kinetic Grand Championship.

"Well anything that's a genuine artifact, that came with the race adds validation and substance to what we're doing here at the museum. We have some original pieces of art here, some original sculptures, so then to have the siren which started that race for 45 years, is a really nice feather in the cap for us," said Kinetic Museum Director, Christopher Boyle