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Arcata City Council efforts to eliminate Development Agency

ARCATA - Arcata City Council is still having trouble eliminating it’s Development Agency and says it may take years to get the problem resolved.

Laws were passed in California more 2 years ago requiring redevelopment agencies be dissolved so more funding could go toward education.

The city of Arcata has been steadily trying to eliminate it’s community development agency and direct those efforts toward their successor agency.

Wednesday night, City Council Members will discuss ways to cover the costs of reorganizing the agencies.

"There are a couple of areas that it impacts, one is that it makes it more difficult for the city to help finance affordable housing. We also have acquired former mill sites with the intention of redeveloping those areas and so, that process will be much more difficult unless money will be available for doing that. So we're very disappointed in Governor Brown’s decision to end redevelopment agencies,“ said Arcata City Mayor, Michael Winkler.