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Arcata City Manager announces retirement

Letter from Randy Mendosa to the City of Arcata:
Please accept this as notice of my intention to retire, making Monday July 7, 2014 as my last day at work. I am ready and available to assist with the transition process to any extent your Council desires.
A typical first step would be for the Council to decide how to select a new city manager. Available options include:
1. I recommend the Mayor consult with the City Attorney and Personnel Director to determine the scope of a Council meeting agenda item where the Council can have a discussion to determine the process of selecting a new city manager.
2. The Council may wish to explore if there are any internal candidates within the City management team who are both qualified and interested in the position. If so, such a process could be facilitated by the City Attorney and personnel Director as an internal promotion.
3. If the Council desires to establish a regional or statewide recruitment, I would recommend directing staff to set up council interviews with two or three professional recruiters. Experts have told me it is particularly important to select and contract with a recruiter who specializes in placing city managers. Specialist recruiters generally have close access to a larger segment of the statewide pool of potentially qualified applicants.
Arcata is a very special place to live and I have enjoyed every position that I have worked during my tenure with this incredible city. Serving as your city manager during the past five plus years has been one of the great highlights of my professional career!