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Arcata Company Launches 'Worlds Smartest' Bike Light

ARCATA-Two Arcata inventors have created a bicycle light that uses computer technology to detect what level of light the rider will need. Creators say the Xlerad bike light is the smartest bike light on the market and are raising the money to start distribution.

Creators Kyle Palmer an John Nicolini said they came up with the concept while mountain biking together.

"We're both tech guys so we're always talking about geeky tech stuff," said Nicolini.

Palmer said there are many bike lights on the market, but the bright ones use too much battery life. Palmer and Nicolini worked to create a prototype that uses a computer inside the light to adjust automatically.

"If you're going fast or if you're turning really fast you need a little bit more light," said Palmer.

Both said they want to keep the company in Arcata and do not want to sell the design to larger manufactures.

"We think a small niche market that caters to the riders by the riders is what we want to do," said Nicolini.