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Arcata to compete for title of 'Coolest City'

ARCATA- The City of Arcata is competing to be the 'Coolest California City' by reducing the town's total carbon footprint. To win the competition Arcata will have to beat nine other cities in the state.

The 2014 CoolCalifornia City Challenge began in April and will run through August 31st. The race has residents register for the competition, then tracts their progress and awards them with points for each time they reduce their carbon.

Mayor Mark Wheetley said reducing carbon emissions is one of the council's top priorities. He said residents can reduce their footprint in little ways like driving less, hanging their clothes out to dry or using less electricity in their home.

The winner will receive bragging rights as well as a portion of $50,000, based on how much carbon they have cut. Wheetley said the city gets points even when residents register. Information and signup can be found at the following link: