Arcata Cracks Down on Bikes and Skaters

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If you pass through a stop sign while biking or skate boarding in Arcata you may face a fine. That is because Arcata and University police are cracking down on people not obeying traffic laws.


University police say they are stepping up enforcement on campus to help teach students the law.


"We are taking it very seriously with the bicycles and the skateboards," said Sgt. Joseph Jones of the Arcata Police. "We are defiantly trying to crack down more and educate the public when it comes to bicycle safety." 


University Police are doing this by making traffic stops, writing tickets and educating people who disobey traffic laws.


Jones said every year major accidents occur that send people to the hospital.


"We've had people in the past on skateboards go into a vehicle, maybe through the window. we've had bicyclists be seriously injured with head injuries," said Jones.