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Arcata Double Murder; Male victim still alive when officers arrived

EUREKA-After three weeks of testimony, the trial for double murder suspect Bodhi Tree shifted away from the attempted murder in Eureka towards the two murders in Arcata.

Bodhi Tree is accused of killing two at an Eye Street home in Arcata, Alan "Sunshine" Marcet, 27, and Eureka High School senior Christina Schwarz, 18.

The first Arcata Police officer to arrive on scene, Jeremiah Kasinger, testified on Monday. In his testimony, he stated that he had been called to the home at 2457 Eye Street in Arcata. When he walked into the home, he said, he saw a female victim on the floor, with a bullet wound through her left hand on her chest, and saw blood coming from her head. Kasinger said, the male victim was beside her and had a friend applying pressure to his chest as he was 'gurgling' for air.

At the home, Kasinger said he spoke with several people inside during the shooting where they all had identified a similar suspect.

Also testifying was Officer Gregory Pope, who was supervising the Police Department and the investigation before detectives arrived that morning. In cross examination, Tree's co-defense attorney, Heidi Holmquist, pulled apart the investigation that night, bringing attention to how Pope did not remember much from the night and how he did not write a police report. In response, Pope said supervising officers rarely write reports if other officers do so.

On scene that night was Officer Victoria Marr, who was a Recruit Training Officer the night of the shooting and had only been with the department for 11 weeks. Marr was given direction to take photos of the crime scene and make a log of all the people who entered and exited the scene. Under cross examination, Holmquist asked questions about the log, brining up inaccuracies in the report.

The trial will continue on Tuesday, focusing again on the Arcata double homicide.