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Arcata grocery store sells $3.25 million winning lottery ticket

ARCATA- A man is three million dollars richer after picking up a winning lottery ticket from an Arcata grocery store.

Perry Scott bought the winning scratch off ticket at Ray’s Food Place on Valley West Boulevard. Scott declined a media interview, but the word has spread quickly about his winnings. The $5 California Lucky Life scratch off ticket that Scott bought was sold out on Tuesday, following a significant increase in business at ray’s food place. Scott has the option to receive $2,500 per week for the next 25 years, totaling $3.25 million dollars, or receive a lump sum of $1.9 million. Ray’s food place will also receive a special prize from the California Lottery.

"The store gets a half a percent commission and so with a 3, over $3 million ticket our commission will be in the neighborhood of 16,000 dollars,” said Robert Parker, store manager at Ray’s Food Place. “It's pretty exciting. We were kind of wishing one of us employees would have won but we're thankful that it was one of our customers.”