Arcata Helps First Time Homebuyers

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Affordable homes designed for low income families are up for sale in Arcata. The City of Arcata financed the loan to build the homes at Sandpiper Park in 2006 and the homes are now available for sale.


"The project was in pretty bad shape when we started," said Community Development Director, Larry Oetker.


Oetker said the area received a high amount of police calls, and the homes were not well made.


"The units there were mostly fifth wheels and not homes. I really encourage people to go down there and take a look at it, because it's a fantastic looking project," said Deputy Director of Community Development, David Loya, who helped oversee the project.


Development Director, Oetker, said it is getting harder for the city to create projects like Sandpiper Park, because the 2.5 million dollars provided from the now dissolved Redevelopment Agency.


"It's defiantly the last of it's kind of project. We're never going to do another one like that, we just won't have enough money," said Oetker.


Arcata will also help low income families buy those homes through their First Time Homeowners Program. That program is funded through state grants, and is one of the only ways Arcata can help get low income families into homes.


"The more people you have that are invested in their own communities, because they own their own homes, the more stable those communities and those homes are. That's really where the city sees that investment paid off," said Loya.