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Arcata offers carbon offsets as eco-friendly holiday gifts

ARCATA- If you haven’t gotten your Christmas gifts yet, one local city is encouraging you to go green this holiday.

The City of Arcata is offering carbon offsets as a way to shrink your carbon footprint. The Arcata Community Forest is part of a carbon reduction project that measures and inventories the amount of carbon stored by local trees.

The longer and better maintained the forest is, the more carbon it’s able to hold. Carbon offsets are investments into projects like the community forest, with all funds raised going straight to forest management and growth. For $10, the city says you can offset one metric ton of greenhouse gases.

“It's basically a way to invest in local forests for an environmental benefit and the city of Arcata is one of the only in the area, forests that have these available,” said Mark André

Director Of Environmental Services with the City of Arcata. “We're committing to grow longer, older, so more tons of carbon are stored on the hillside behind Arcata for a longer period of time than the business as usual.”