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Arcata Plaza left in good condition after New Year's Eve

ARCATA- Arcata Plaza rang in the New Year Wednesday night but other than the sounds of some local drummers, it was surprisingly quiet.

New Year’s Eve in Arcata Plaza is a very relaxed holiday compared to others. The population goes down when students are away for break and the colder weather this time of year tends to keep people partying inside, more than out on the plaza. Arcata officials say, that they haven’t seen any property damage so far, there was little trash left over and the plaza is in good condition compared to years past. Police say that they had their normal patrol staff out last night along with three additional officers and overall, things went smooth.

“It's hard to tell, it could have been the cold. But we like to think, that everybody's acting responsibly and having a designated driver. And you know the word got out that the police would be monitoring and everybody came out with the expectation of having a good time and not getting into trouble,” said Captain Keith Altizer from the Arcata Police Department.

There were three DUI’s throughout the city, however, only one arrest was made in the plaza for public intoxication.