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Arcata Police See Increase in Transients and Crime

Arcata police have seen the number of thefts and assaults go up as transients flow into Arcata. According to data from the Arcata Police Department the number of assaults, drug violations, and alcohol violations have gone up by 200%.

Det, Sgt. Todd Dokweiler, of Arcata Police, said every year they see an increase in crime that matches the number of transients in the area, especially downtwon. Dokweiler said they come through and stay in Arcata in between festivals.

Dokweiler said the city is prepared and have sent more police downtown.

"Yesterdays a prime example we see four officers in the downtown area. really just trying to get ahead of the problem," said Dokweiler.

Dokweiler said this impacts people shopping downtown which ultimately impacts business.

"For business folks especially in the downtown area this can really be impacted depending on the number of folks that are hanging around making people shopping a little uncomfortable," said Dokweiler.