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Arcata Police spend hundreds on each Public Intoxication arrest

ARCATA- Public Intoxication arrests are the most frequent issue the Arcata Police Department deals with. Several drunk arrests are made every single day and eachcosts the department hundreds of dollars.

"It's a major draw on our resources," said Sgt. Det. Todd Dokweiler of the Arcata Police Department. He said every arrest varies, but estimates that each arrest costs the department, on average, $300 dollars.

Every time an arrest is made it takes an officer away from other calls in the city said Dokweiler. He estimates it takes an officer of the streets for 90 minutes in order to take the person to Eureka and book them into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility.

Dokweiler said it is hard to estimate the cost because each case varies. Some arrests have to be taken to the hospital and some face a charge as a result of the arrest. He said a report needs to be filed and processed and the officer may have to appear in court if the case continues. "We have a number of staff positions that really handle the aftermath of that arrest," he said.

Officers have found people passed out on the side of a road or so drunk they can not walk. He said officers will attempt to find a friend who can take care of them before arresting them. "We're thinking safety here, and we're trying to get those folks somewhere safe until they're sober enough that they can take care of themselves," he said.

The majority of arrests occur downtown, and are not necessarily connected to the bars, he said. There are 12 repeat offenders that the department deals with who have been arrested 25 times over the past year.