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Arcata Reacts to Monday's Homicide As Victim's Name is Released

The Humboldt County Coroner's office released the identity of Monday morning's homicide victim as Douglas Allen Anderson-Jordet. 50-year-old Anderson-Jordet lived in Arcata and was a chef at Abruzzi on the plaza.

"It's shocking on every level. First of all those things never happen to people you know," said Chris Smith, the owner of Abruzzi.

Smith said Anderson-Jordet was quiet, loved music and was a reliable employee. Smith said he was non confrontational and said the incident does not make sense. "He exhibited no behaviors that could be in any sort of situation that might combust and therefore we are finding it difficult to find the words to talk about what happened," said Smith.

Anderson-Jordet was found unresponsive by Arcata Police at 1:25 a.m. Monday on the corner of 12th and H Street.

Smith said he ran into co-workers on his way through the plaza. "He happened to walk by and see them and he left and was heading home," said Smith.

Arcata Police Sgt. Det. Todd Dokweiler said more witnesses have come forward since the news of the homicide was released. "Not just people who saw or heard something, but someone that could provide information about [Anderson-Jordet]," said Dokweiler.

Dokweiler said he believes more people are out there with information that may help in the investigation. "There's a lot of folks who were out there. That were downtown that night or live in the area that saw or heard something," said Dokweiler.

This is the third homicide in Arcata this year. The last homicide occurred in 2004. This is also the third stabbing that has happened in Arcata over the last three months. "For us to have two separate incidents where three people lost their lives. That's significant and obviously extremely concerning," said Dokweiler.

Dina Soltow works in downtown Arcata and said she was shocked to hear the news. "There has definitely been a difference as far as your own personal safety goes in this area," said Soltow.

The coroner's office will complete an autopsy on Saturday that will reveal the official cause of death.