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Arcata Retailers Encourage Customers To Shop Local During Holidays

Several Arcata businesses have come together to promote shopping locally during the holiday season. 23 businesses are part of the Arcata Plaza Passport, a shopping game that rewards customers with prizes when they shop locally.

"For customers it's more fun because it's more engaging," said passport creator, Beth Mason.

Customers who make at least three $50 purchases at participating businesses will be entered into a raffle for prizes.

Mason said she got the idea from an app called looklocal that only features locally owned and independent stores near the user. The app is offered through 3/50 Project, a small business advocacy company.

"More money stays local when you're shopping local versus online where none of your money stays local," said Mason.

Mason said she hopes the app and the shopping game will get customers in the habit of shopping locally throughout the year.

Mason said Arcata stores have more to offer than larger retailers. "We have these boutiques that [we] really curate for our Arcata shoppers," said Mason.

Participating business owner, Rebecca Lacasse, said the game will increase customers awareness about shopping locally. "There are really unique small businesses downtown," said Lacasse.

Arcata business's shopping game will run through the holiday shopping season until Dec. 21.