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Arcata Rotary Park $200K Renovations Project

ARCATA - Renovations to Rotary Park in Arcata are now underway after five years of raising funds for the project.

The park hasn't been updated since 1990 and in the 2010 Capital Improvement Project Plan; the park was addressed as needing dire help. Since then, the city, Sunrise Rotary and Arcata Rotary have contributed funds, along with gaining a California Housing Grant.

A new playground, picnic tables, and basketball court will all be coming to the park. If weather permits, it should be complete sometime in April. 

"It's a place to meet, it's fun. We're going to have all the swings, the spinning, the climbing activities you have in a playground and it's going to be designed for two to 12 year olds. But it's also a place a family can go for a picnic, a birthday party, or older kids and adults can go play a game of basketball. It's a great place for people to meet and enjoy time together," said Dan Diemer, Arcata Parks Superintendent.