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Arcata runner remembers Boston Bombing; Plans to return

EUREKA- One year after the deadly attack at the Boston Marathon, an Arcata runner plans to run through the finish line again.

Armando Ibarra-Espinoza, an Arcata resident, finished the 26-mile run one hour before both pressure cooker bombs went off, killing three and injuring hundreds.

Ibarra-Espinoza said he and his friends were on the subway, on their way to a friends house, when they heard about the attack from friends and families. "We were so clear of everything that we just found out as everyone else found out," he said.

After he told his family he was okay, him and his friends still wanted to celebrate running the marathon and experience the town he said. "The town was completely quiet, very few people out. Just a lot of silence," he said.

On Monday, Ibarra-Espinoza will compete in the Boston Marathon again. He said he does not intend to be a serious competitor in the race, but said he will go there to show is support.

"I'm going to go there and show what we are as marathoners," he said. "We're not a community that's going to be scared off by something like that."

After the attack, Ibarra-Espinoza said he starting to think differently about running. "I had to stop and think about my own motivations personally," he said.

Since then he ran in a marathon in New York and raised $4500 for the American Cancer Society. He said he plans to run a double marathon to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy research. "It's nice to use my legs for something more than just myself," he said.