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Arcata student wins state-wide creative writing contest

ARCATA - An Arcata teen will soon be a published writer after winning first place in a state-wide creative writing contest. 

The California Teachers Of English, CATE, host the annual writing contest with hundreds of students across the state competing. Arcata High junior, Muriel Ammon, won this year’s first-person narrative award with her story “Inside the Pit”.

The story is about her personal experience with the flower dance; a rite of passage ceremony for Native American women. Ammon said, it was the most influential time of her life and she enjoys sharing the heritage of her tribe with other people. 

“I wrote about my flower dance, a coming of age ceremony for young women, it was one of the most amazing, spiritual experiences that I've ever had and it definitely changed my life and the views that I have. It opened up a broader world to me,“ said contest winner, Muriel Ammon.