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Arcata woman receives a letter from the President

An Arcata woman unhappy with President Obama over drone strikes gets a personal response from the Commander-In-Chief himself.

Leisyka Parrott…a furloughed Federal Employee for the Bureau of Land Management during the recent shutdown tells News Channel 3 she had a problem with the US Policy of using drones to bomb foreign countries…prompting her to write a letter to the President. It was an impassioned terse letter that asked him to reconsider his policy. “I asked him how he could sleep at night with killing innocent people…so, when I received this letter yesterday, it was…well, I was impressed.”

Parrott said the President fundamentally disagreed with her and that his reason was to keep every citizen safe…that he was following his moral compass…and, even though they disagreed, she felt he really heard her and took the time to explain his reasoning. She was impressed and felt the President’s letter was important.

“I imagine I’ll frame it in some kind of thing…so you can see both sides…it looks like a post card so yeah…I think it’s a piece of history…and I think it’s worth keeping.”