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Arcata/Eureka Airport flights back on track after repairs

MCKINLEYVILLE- The Arcata/Eureka airport is finished testing newly replaced landing equipment and flights are back on schedule. Final tests were completed by the Federal Aviation Administration on Tuesday.

Crews were aware that the glide slope had been experiencing outages and needed to be replaced on Feb. 7th. The equipment helps guide planes into the runway vertically. "Essentially it works like a slide," said Emily Jacobs, program director of the airport.

Flights were still able to land at the airport because the equipment is only necessary during inclement weather conditions said Jacobs.

The project was completed by Feb. 13th, but a flight check of the equipment still needed to be completed by the FAA. The check was scheduled on the 14th, but could not be completed because of bad weather.

While the glide slope was offline, flights were delayed and canceled. "We do everything that we can to let people know in advance if there is going to be any kind of work on the airport," said Jacobs.

Weather eventually cleared up enough for a final flight check that was completed on Tuesday.