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Assistant Chief of Humboldt Bay Fire retires after 23 years

EUREKA- A Humboldt Bay Fire employee is hanging up his fire gear after 29 years of service. Assistant Fire Chief Rusty Goodlive celebrated his final day at the department, where he's worked the last 23 years. Goodlive started by volunteering for Humboldt Fire District One and then became a firefighter in Lake Tahoe. After working there for four years he returned to Eureka in 1991, to be a firefighter for the city.  Goodlive served in many roles including Engineer, Captain and Captain II before becoming Assistant Chief.

"Well I'll tell ya, this past three years has been the best three years of my career. As we've completed the consolidation between the Humboldt Fire District and the city of Eureka and become Humboldt Bay Fire, things have really been going well. There's been some great stuff going on. We've really improved our service. Morale is high, attitudes and momentum that we have is high, and it's really been a pleasure working, for the last three years here. It's been a lot of fun," said Goodlive.

He doesn't have any long-term plans for retirement.  But he does want to get in touch with people he hasn't seen in a while, including his sister in Vancouver.