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Assisted living home in Fortuna delivering meals to seniors

FORTUNA- To help fight against poor nutrition among seniors citizens, the largest assisted living company in the nation is delivering more than 10,000 meals to seniors across the country in the next 60 days in honor of National Food Month. 

Emeritus at Sequoia Springs has an outreach program where they conduct home visits to find out the needs of seniors in the area. 

"As we've learned through physicians and through our own experience, many elderly people do suffer from poor nutrition.  Usually they say about one in 10.  And there are a lot of different reasons for that.  Poverty is one, lack of transportation, inability to prepare foods or shop for foods," said Ida Heinen, the Executive Director of Emeritus at Sequoia Springs.

Now Emeritus is in its second year of delivering more than 10,000 meals to seniors across America.  The program, which lasts until the end of May, is available for people in Humboldt County between Garberville and Trinidad.

"It's very rewarding.  They're typically waiting for us, they've had an appointment and they're expecting us and they show up and greet us and are very happy and they're excited and popping all the lids off and seeing what's there," Heinen said.

What they see is a nutritious, balanced meal complete with a hot dish, sides and desert, delivered right to their door.

"Transportation, especially in our community where we don't have a lot of options for public transportation can be very hard for our seniors.  Many of them are not driving any more so just getting to the store is difficult.  So having someone deliver something to them always just makes their day," said Heinen.

Staff at Emeritus at Sequoia Springs delivered about 25 meals to seniors last year, and officials expect there to be about 40 deliveries this year.

If you are a senior who would like to sign up for a meal delivery, call Emeritus at Sequoia Springs at (707) 726-0111.