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Award to fund juvenile coho salmon study another year

ARCATA- A project aimed at protecting some juvenile coho salmon in Northern California has been funded for another year.

An Assistant Professor of Fisheries Biology at Humboldt State University, Darren Ward, along with graduate student Molly Gorman, have spent the past year tracking young coho salmon born in the Shasta River.  Those salmon leave the river a year early due to drought and human use, then travel to the Klamath River, where they disappear.  Ward and Gorman have been studying what happens to those salmon and if there is an area where they can survive in the Klamath River.  Ward and Gorman recently received the $25,000 2015 Special Focus Award from California Sea Grant to continue the study for another year.  Ward and Gorman will forward their results to state and federal agencies when they are finished.

"There's limited amounts of money available for habitat restoration projects.  We want to be able to do them in the places where they're going to be the most use.  Right now, we don't know whether the fish that are moving into the Klamath River can survive or not.  If they are, we want to invest our restoration dollars down there in the habitat that they are using to ensure that we have coho returning in the future," said Ward.