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Bakersfield man arrested for string of burglaries at bank 'night drops'

It started at the US Bank in Scotia— a 911 call from the assistant manager reporting that someone had tampered with a night drop deposit box. 

“Somebody had attempted to use a fishing line with a sticky substance on it to remove items from their night drop box,” said Lt. Steve Knight with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office

A day later, Redwood Capital Bank in Fortuna had a similar case, but in this instance the thieves were successful. Bank managers said that only one person was affected and they’ve reached out to that customer to solve the problem.

“Two people were watching out for police and other kind of traffic and the third person fished in our night box for several hours,” Branch Manager Bob Judevine said.

Security cameras caught a clear image of the suspect. Authorities believe he’s 38-year-old Ryan Daniel Kullrich of Bakersfield who was arrested in Medford, Oregon Monday, December 16 for a similar-style burglary.

"So at this point our investigators are talking with Medford to determine how many locations this person is responsible for," Lt. Knight said.

Authorities add that could be dozens of banks in multiple states. In the meantime, bank officials are taking steps to make sure copycat crimes won’t occur. Redwood capital bank has made their night box accessible only by a key.

“We’ve taken every measure to make sure that our night drop is a safe place for customers to drop money," Judevine said.