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Bell Springs Road closed by CHP near 101 slide in Mendocino County

MENDOCINO COUNTY - The big rock slide just north of Leggett has prompted the California Highway Patrol to close a road travelers have been trying to use as a detour.

Bell Springs Road has been the scene of numerous accidents and stuck vehicles and the rural road has deteriorated in sections. Officials now say it will be accessible for local residents only. Law enforcement will be requesting proof or explanations of your need to be in the area.

With the hillside continuing to sluff off rock and dirt onto the roadway, no estimate of re-opening by Caltrans has been announced and the CHP believes it will stay closed through at least the weekend.

Also, the Briceland Thorn Road, Mina Road, Zenia Bluff Road and Hoagland Road are not alternate routes for Highway 101 detours and may be closed to maintain functionality for essential services to local residents.