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Best of Humboldt Fair begins Thursday

EUREKA- Final preparations are being made for the Best of Humboldt Fair at Redwood Acres in Eureka.

About 30,000 people are expected to attend the four-day fair, which showcases local products, art, cooking, agriculture and music.  Carnival rides, animal attractions and games will also be at the fair, which starts tomorrow and ends Sunday. This year, the annual Industrial Technology Fair will be an attraction at the Best of Humboldt Fair for the first time. At the Industrial Technology Fair, middle and high school students from around Humboldt County will showcase items they created. Organizers say the Best of Humboldt Fair is a way to remember Humboldt County’s history.

"It's so important to remember who we are and where we came from.  And life moves so fast anymore.  Technology, everything is going at such a fast pace, that it's really good to look back and see who we are and where we came from and what America really stands for.  And there's nothing more patriotic or standing for who we truly are in agriculture, education, community, than the county fair," said Cindy Bedingfield, the CEO of Redwood Acres.

The fair is free on Thursday until 5 p.m.