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Bishop responds to recent burglary at St. Bernard's Church Rectory in Eureka

EUREKA- The Rectory at St. Bernard’s Church has been reportedly broken into twice in the last six months. On Monday, News Channel 3 spoke to the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Santa Rosa to find out if the church has plans to increase security moving forward.

Authorities arrested 51-year-old Sherman Prochnau after determining he broke in to the attic of the rectory early Thursday morning. The Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Santa Rosa, Bishop Robert Vasa, says he believes Father Loren Allen, the priest temporarily living in the rectory, was not at the rectory during the time of the burglary. Bishop Vasa says the Parish Council at St. Bernard’s Church took precautions, including installing security alarms, after Father Eric Freed’s murder. Bishop Vasa also says that a new pastor coming to the church in July will decide what additional steps need to be taken for safety.  Bishop Vasa also says the new pastor will decide if Father Allen needs to be moved out of the rectory.

“This certainly will raise the awareness and level of concern of hopefully everyone in the community.  Not only the priests, but everyone, because if the rectory is vulnerable, than individual households are just as vulnerable," said Bishop Vasa.