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Black Friday shopping trends, locally and beyond

EUREKA - Door buster deals brought out early morning shoppers across the country today. The international council of shopping centers estimates 41% of American shoppers participated today.

And that's not all, Black Friday has spread across the sea. Shoppers in England scrambled to malls to get their hands on discounts as British retailers fully embraced Black Friday promotions for the first time.

It wasn't all smooth shopping though. Police were reportedly called to at least four supermarkets in London due to overcrowding.

But the shopping scene differed drastically here in Eureka. Unlinke the Black Friday mall madness you may think of, shoppers at Bayshore Mall in Eureka were quite civilized.

"We never go really early and we get what we want anyway. So there's no reason to come early anyway," Brande, a Black Friday shopper, said.

Fortuna resident Brande has Black Friday shopping figured out, and she's not the only one.

"I didn't get out too early today. I figured I'd let the crowds pass before I wondered through it,"

North Coast shoppers are apparently getting savvier. According to mall officials, Bayshore Mall in Eureka saw great Black Friday turnout and minimal Black Friday frenzy.

"It's been really calm. The shoppers have been really cooperative. No major incidents. Nothing out of the ordinary. It's gone really smooth," Kirk White, general manager of Bayshore Mall, said.  

The mall opened it's doors on Thanksgiving evening and has seen shopper traffic consistent with previous years.

"We had people come at 8 p.m. when the doors opened, from department stores that were open. That continued, my observation, right through midnight. It does die down a little bit at 3 or 4 in the morning. And then it picks back up at 5 or 6 in the morning as people come back," White said.

Shoppers did have to brave some showers earlier this morning but nothing could keep them back from what has become an annual event for many.
"Iit is tradition to go Christmas shopping the day after thanksgiving with the cousins," Brande said. 

Some came out to Bayshore Mall in Eureka for the deals, some came out because it's tradition in their family, and some came out just to have fun with their friends. 

"Well ya we shopped...but after we ran out of money we just had fun," a group of friends said.

And it's more than the deals, the traditions, and the creates employment opportunities for our community.

"A lot of our tenants hire seasonal employees so there's a lot of jobs that open up during this period of the year," White said.

Not to mention the economic benefit.

With the tax revenue we produce, that goes right back into this community and supports this community," White added.