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"Black Lives Matter?" Protest by HSU Black Student Union

ARCATA - "Black Lives Matter," it's a phrase that's spread across the country with Americans protesting police brutality and advocating for African American rights. Monday afternoon the HSU Black Student Union continued that protest on campus.

The Union covered the HSU Quad in chalk and numbers, resembling a crime scene, to get the attention of fellow students. Their protest is to create awareness that students of color feel a sense of alienation on campus and that several groups get more recognition than the Black Student Union.

The BSU says, they ended the phrase "Black Lives Matter" with a question mark because they feel that on campus, their lives currently don’t matter as much as they should and they want equal treatment.

“Today we're hoping to challenge University, in regards to it's treatment of students of color and predominantly African American students and how some students feel that the University just gathers students of colors just for the sake of number and not necessarily for retention and we're here to say that yes, the 297 black students on this campus do exist and our feelings are valid," said Naomi Waters, HSU Black Student Union President