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Blue Lake Elementary honors students for supporting autistic classmates

BLUE LAKE- Students at Blue Lake Elementary were recognized for supporting two of their autistic classmates. The students were thanked by teachers for including the two 11-year-olds and the boys were honored for their special talents.

The Wilson brothers are triplets and two of them are autistic. Sean was recognized in front of the school for his work on the basketball team along with his teammates and Parker competed in the schools spelling bee following the awards assembly.

"The school has been so supportive and amazing with all three of my boys, especially my two autistic ones," said Kelly Wilson, the boy's mother.

Principal, Paula Wyant, was inspired by another story where a sports team supported their teammate with Down Syndrome. Wyant said her students support the two boys like that on a daily basis.

"Sean and Parker have given us a gift of learning that [make us] better as a whole," said Wyant.

Wilson said the students and her sons benefit by having two autistic students in their school. The students learn about the disorder, and the boys are accepted at a regular school.

"We don't know what normal is these days and with the prevalence of autism and other attention spectrum disorders it's important for all of our communities to know how regular these kids are," said Wilson.