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Blue Lake encourages community creativity with "Rising Grants"

BLUE LAKE - Residents describe it as beautiful, crazy, whimsical, and wonderful and some community grants are simply enhancing the City of Blue Lake. They are called the Blue Lake Rising Grants and this is its second year of giving money to encourage community creativity.

“I think that it’s really empowering for individuals to be able to apply for grant funding for creative projects,” Claire Reynolds said.

Reynolds is a Blue Lake resident, recipient of one of last year’s Blue Lake Rising Grants, and an organizer for this year’s second round of grants.

“The Blue Lake Rising Grant was started by Dell’Arte last year to support local creative endeavors,” Reynolds explained.

The grant provides money to individuals or groups who have an idea for a creative project for Blue Lake. Once the grants are awarded, the grantee creates the project and then it is displayed.  Last year’s grant funded 10 projects that are now featured around the town like a bench in front of the city’s museum. 

“There's a lot of spaces that existed here where there's things like benches now, or the center of the universe, that are kind of like little destinations that people can go to. Where there wasn't a bench before, people can now sit and enjoy different areas of the town that they weren't able to,” Janessa Johnsrude, the marketing coordinator for Dell’Arte, said.

This year only four grants will be awarded but each will be $750 as opposed to last year’s $500. Applications for the grant began early December and are open to anyone through January 9. A selection committee then decides whose projects would be best for Blue Lake.

“Blue Lake is a really enlivened community in and of itself, but I feel like these grants are giving people a way to communicate that and an outlet for that in this town,” Johnsrude added.