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Blue Lake, Sheriff continue to work out new service agreement

BLUE LAKE- The city of Blue Lake and Humboldt County Sheriff's Department are negotiating the terms of a new service contract. There are currently no deputies at the Blue Lake substation. The city has experienced three burglaries over the past week.

According to Sheriff Michael Downey, deputies are still patrolling the area and responding to emergency calls. Downey confirmed the three burglaries that occurred over the past week that included a break in at Blue Lake Elementary.

Downey said the burglaries had no connection to the Sheriff's contract, "We have break-ins all over the county all the time."

Downey said the department is working to restore services to what they were before the extension to the contract expired. "We are working with the city diligently at this point to have full services restored in a short time," said Downey.

The Blue Lake City Council met Tuesday and is awaiting final approval for the contract by the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors.