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Board of Supervisors approve ‘Reggae on the River’ attendance increase

EUREKA- An attendance increase has been approved for ‘Reggae on the River.’
On Tuesday, the Humboldt County Board of Supervisor’s gave the Mateel Community Center the go ahead to increase attendance by 1,000 people. That number breaks down to 500 more volunteers to help with parking and security, as well as 500 more guests. 
Previously the Humboldt County Planning Commission had denied the organizer’s request for an increase in attendance, after hearing about security concerns from property owners living near popular Southern Humboldt music festival. The Mateel Community Center appealed the decision stating an additional 500 volunteers is necessary for security to cover the new parking areas, and the Board of Supervisors agreed.
Chairmen Rex Bohn tells us he felt the organizers met all the necessary requirements in terms of security and parking control.