Board of Supervisors pushes action on Outdoor Medical Marijuana Ordinance

EUREKA- The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors expressed their frustrations Tuesday about the progress of a proposed Outdoor Medical Marijuana Ordinance.

The ordinance was drafted by the supervisors in response to citizen complaints that smells coming from small plot outdoor medical marijuana cultivation sites in several neighborhoods were a nuisance to the public. If approved, the ordinance would place limitations on outdoor medical marijuana cultivation on residential land.

The supervisors referred the drafted ordinance to a planning commission for review and advice. However, they say that although the commission has had several opportunities to take action, no guidance has been given to the board. Instead, according to the supervisors, the commission has expressed intent to re-draft the ordinance; something the Board of Supervisors says is not part of the commission’s intended functions.

At Tuesday’s meeting the supervisors approved a letter to the commission requesting a final decision on the ordinance by Thursday, June 19.

“The planning commission is on their fifth meeting of having the ordinance and our board would like to see more action and have it be decided, whether its an approval, a denial or some slight modifications to the ordinance. It just needs to get back to our board,” 5th District Supervisor Ryan Sundberg said.