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Boys donate money from lemonade stand to dad suffering from cancer

Two boys have donated money from a lemonade stand to their dad diagnosed with a rare cancer.

12-year old Christopher Rose and his 9-year old brother, Ty, recently donated all their earnings on Lemonade Day to help their dad get better. Dennis Rose has a rare form of cancer that is so rare no place in the US treats it. The family will be seeking treatment in Basel, Switzerland; the only place they are doing an experimental treatment that has shown some success. The family will have to make three trips with each trip costing around $26,000.

A medical fund has been set up in Dennis Rose’s name at Coast Central Credit Union. In addition, two fundraisers will help raise money for the family. On June 26, Eureka Nazarene Church will be holding a rummage sale. August 2, a taco dinner and auction at the Campton Heights Baptist Church in Fortuna will also help to raise needed funds.