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Breakfast honors Eureka City Schools students who have overcome tremendous odds

EUREKA- The Superintendent of Eureka City Schools, Fred Vlan Vleck, says success isn’t just about results, it’s also about the road you have to take in order to achieve a goal. 

This morning there was a breakfast honoring students from Eureka City Schools who have overcome large obstacles in order to succeed in school.  The first ever every student succeeding breakfast was held at the Ingomar Club Thursday morning in Eureka.  Eight students who have had to battle tremendous obstacles to be able to do well in school were nominated for an award.  The winner then competes with the other school districts of the region, which includes eight Northern California counties.  A winner of that pool is selected and competes for the statewide Association of School Administrators Every Student Succeeding Award.

The Eureka City Schools Award went to twelve-year-old Zane Middle School seventh grader Louie Lingard.  He was born with congenital myopathy and scoliosis, which have made it hard for him to walk. He has had 12 surgeries.  Lingard is an honor roll student and his teachers and fellow students say he is diligent and determined, and has a great sense of humor.  He serves as an assistant coach for the boys 7th grade basketball team, and his favorite team is the Los Angeles Lakers.  Lingard also loves to rap.

"The recognition of students who are not the normal students who get the recognition for being at the top of their class when these students have been every bit as successful and maybe even more successful because they've had challenges to overcome that some of the students at the top of the class haven't had.  So if you take a measure of how far they've come from where they've started to where they are today, they've covered even more ground," said Superintendent Vlan Vleck.