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Bridge construction underway at Eel River Holmes-Larabee crossing

HOLMES-FLAT: Crews were out in Holmes Flat Tuesday installing a Bailey bridge at the Eel River Holmes-Larabee crossing. Humboldt County Department of Public Works officials say the bridge will be completed and opened to the public on Sunday, June 15.

The permanent low-water bridge used in past years to connect Larabee Valley and Holmes is currently out of service because of its poor structural condition.  The road Larabee residents have been using in the meantime will soon be closed for summer logging activities.

The temporary bridge will allow Larabee Valley residents to access Holmes, as well as Highway 101.

The Bailey bridge is a loan from Mendocino County and is able to be easily dismantled, moved and reassembled in various locations. 

Public Works officials plan to continue loaning the bridge from Mendocino County for two years, or until the repairs are completed on the permanent low-water bridge.